Password Memory

Password Memory 3.0 2010

An easier way to remember lots of passwords


  • Works from a USB stick
  • Uses several algorithms to protect data


  • Very rigid - no options to add passwords for sites that use Java


Remembering passwords is never easy, especially with so many different sites requiring some kind of registration.

Password Memory 2009 encrypts and manages your passwords and helps you to log in to websites much more easily and quickly than having to enter them every time you visit them. Firefox already offers this option although Password memory 2009 is surely a much safer way of storing particularly sensitive passwords (such as for banking sites). In fact, Password Memory 2009 uses several different algorithms to guarantee a very high level of security.

The interface follows the same format as that of Microsoft Office and simply requires you to add passwords into a clipboard where they will then be automatically transferred into the right fields when you surf to that particular site. If you want a hard copy of your passwords, you can also export them to XML, HTML, text files and Excel in a few clicks.

Password Memory is a very powerful password manager that offers maximum protection and makes life a lot easier than having to remember passwords for each separate site.

Initial release of version 3


  • Initial release of version 3

Password Memory supports the following formats


Password Memory


Password Memory 3.0 2010

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    Not good.
    Every time I try to open my database it says the password is wrong. After a few times it suddenly wor...   More